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WonderCon April 3-5, 2015: The SoulGeek Con Blog

WonderCon Anaheim 2015, April 3-5, Anaheim Convention Center

April 3-5, 2015
Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim, CA

The SoulGeek Conblog presents: WonderCon!!! Come on by and meet SoulGeek founder/creator our very own Dino Andrade the voice behind THE SCARECROW from BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM, PROFESSOR PUTRICIDE, MIMIRON, HIGH TINKERER MEKKATORQUE, THE DEATH KNIGHT GNOMES and more from WORLD OF WARCRAFT! Come by and say hello.

WonderCon is a 3 day con that is the sister con to  San Diego Comic Con. There is something for everyone, like panels, vendors, as well as special events. There will be WonderCon Anaheim Games, there will be all kinds of games including Cards Against Humanity, Pokemon XY, D&D Fifth Edition, Munchkin Legends and many more. In addition to the games there will also be a Masquerade where you can dress up as your favorite character from comic books, fantasy, anime, or video games. Come by and  have some fun!!

Special Guests Include: Neal Adams ( Writer/Artist of Batman, Green Lantern/Green Arrow), Marc Andreyko (Writer Batwoman, Wonder Woman ’77), Kris Anka (Artist, Uncanny, Ms. Marvel), Sergio Aragones (Cartoonist, MAD, Groo), Sam de la Rosa ( Artist/Inker, Marvel and DC Comics), Jamal Igle (Artist of Supergirl, Molly Danger), Jae Lee ( Artist, Batman/Superman, The Dark Tower Series), Kevin Maguire ( Artist, Justice League International, Guardian of the Galaxy) and many many more!!!

Frank and Son Super Hero Classics Expo: March 7, 2015

Super Hero Classics Expo
March 7th, 2015
19649 San Jose Ave
City Of Industry, CA

The SoulGeek ConBlog presents: Frank and Son: Super Hero Classics Expo. Come by and meet SoulGeek Founder our very own Dino Andrade, the voice behind Professor Putricide, Mimiron and many more from World of Warcraft, High Tinkerer Mekkatorque, and also The Scarecrow from Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Frank and Son Super Hero Classics Expo is a collectables expo for everyone. Comic books, memorabilia, hand painted statues, board games, and much much more. Come on by meet Dino and have some fun!!!


All Con: March 12-15, 2015: The SoulGeek Con Blog

All Con
March 12-15, 2015
Crowne Plaza
Addison, TX

The SoulGeek con blog presents: All Con!! As the name implies this 4 day convention has something for everyone whether it’s fantasy sci-fi, and much much more. Among the usual booths and vendors galore. There will also be a traditional Cosplay competition, and a Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast!! For you Star Wars fans there will be a Ms. Star Wars Pageant, along with a Texas Hold’em competiton and much, much more!!!!

Special Guest Include: Neil Kaplan ( Voice Actor: Digimon, Transformers, Ninja Gaiden II), James Leary (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Doug Jones ( Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer, Hellboy II), Cernia Vincent ( Not Another Teen Movie, Cabin Fever) and many, many more!!!