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Ohayocon 16 Jan 15-17 2016: The SoulGeek Con Blog

Ohayocon 16
January 15-17, 2016
Hyatt Regency Columbus
Columbus, OH

The soulGeek Con Blog presents: Ohyaocon 16!!!! Come on by and meet SoulGeek Founder/creator our very own Dino Andrade the voice behind THE SCARECROW from BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM, PROFESSOR PUTRICIDE, MIMIRON, HIGH TINKERER MEKKATORQUE, THE DEATH KNIGHT GNOMES and more from WORLD OF WARCRAFT!

Ohyaocon is a 3 day convention with everything to do with anime and japanese culture, with panels, and tournaments some of which include a Console Tournament which includes consoles such as PS3, XboxOne, PS4, Wii U and some PC games. Tournaments for such games include Ultimate Street Fighter, Persona 4, Mario Kart 8, Smash Wii U, Mortal Combat X and more!! There will also be a Cosplay Contest and a  Manga Library  which contains a huge collection of donated Japanese novels, American graphic novels, and webcomic/comics that you can read during the con!! Come on by and have some fun!!


Special Guests Include: Greg Ayers (Voice Actor: Deadman Wonderland, Danganronpa, Ouran High School Host Club), John Swasey (Voice Actor: Black Butler, Borderlands II, Soul Eater), Veronica Taylor (Voice Actress: Pokemon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sailor Moon, Nana Seven of Seven), Greg Houser (Voice Actor: Evangelion, Tales of Vesperia,), Chuck Huber (Voice Actor: DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho Soul Eater, Darker Than Black, Trinty Blood). And MANY MANY MORE!!!